Connect To The Youth In Your Family By Connecting Them To Their Family History

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Papa Sue's Family Tree

I once read about some scientific research that proved that one of the most important factors for children growing up and becoming "successful" adults was for their parents and family to simply talk with them: have conversations about anything and everything, go beyond the day-to-day discussions and talk about what you see, hear, do, etc.
We received a comment on our blog from Jane, who showed that this is true!  As long as we talk about it, and are good examples, our children will listen!  Here is her story:

"For a few years, one of my granddaughters has been concocting stories surrounding a character she imagined, named Papa Sue. Last summer, when she was 9, I went to visit her and saw a large and very elaborate chart she had drawn with Papa Sue and his wife at the bottom and lots of other characters with names going up toward the top. I asked her what that was and she said it was his family tree. And that is exactly what it looked like. I asked her how she even knew what a family tree was...and she said “Grandma...even though you don’t think so, I am always listening to what you say!”  So somewhere at some time, she had heard me discussing our family origins to her parents.  It certainly made me smile!"

Thanks for sharing, Jane!  It was so wonderful to hear about the love of family growing in your granddaughter's heart.