Connect To The Youth In Your Family By Connecting Them To Their Family History

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Preview of the workbook

I'm sending the workbook to the printers today.  I'm so excited about how it turned out I can't wait to show you. 

Power Up Workbook Cover We know these books will help you leave a strong and stable heritage for the next generations in your family.   They teach you how to live your family history as a lifestyle that teaches your family about their heritage in easy and simple ways.  Here is a 24 page excerpt of the new workbook.  With over 100 pages of amazing ideas and resources, the workbook will really get the ideas flowing about what will work with your family.  A 28 page excerpt of the book are on the website as well.  Take a look.  They are guaranteed to get ideas flowing about what will work with your family.

We've had such a wonderful response to the release of our first book.  Comments like "overflowing with valuable ideas and suggestions" and "must-read for everyone who treasures family history" have been really gratifying.  This is the book that will finally help you involve your family in their family history. 

The introductory sale has the book at $19.95 (regular $23.95) until tomorrow.  During the sale you can also pre-purchase the workbook that goes with the book for a reduced price.  Order the Power-Up Workbook at the same $19.95 price (regular $23.95) and we'll pay the shipping when the book comes out in March.   Click here and you can save $13.00 on both books until tomorrow.  Enjoy the book now, get started with the ideas, and then when the workbook comes you'll find even more to help you connect to your family.  

Zap the Grandma Gap : Connect With Your Family by Connecting Them To Their Family History by Janet Hovorka  and Zap The Grandma Gap: Power Up Workbook: The Particulars About How To Connect Your Family by Connecting Them To Their Family History by Janet Hovorka are on sale until tomorrow at $19.95 (regular $23.95).  You can purchase them now at

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