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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Family Cookbooks

I had a wonderful email from a reader, who said I could share her ideas with you. Take a look:

"For years my daughter and I have talked about a family cookbook.  This year we actually pulled all the recipes together and I am now organizing them.  The recipes are the dishes that I grew up on, so therefore my kids grew up on them with the addition of some recipes that he brought from his family.  As each generation begins their own family more recipes are added from other lines coming into the tree.  We are binding it in a 3 ring binder, so that it is easy to add.  There will be a short comment on how the recipe came about, some variations etc.  

The cover will have a chart with all of the cooks and their descendants and something about what they liked to cook the most and for laughs a few disasters thrown in.  When cooking with your child, it is a perfect time to talk about Grandma Betty as we put her "famous" recipe together. 

Have a good day!

Family Recipe template from Zap The Grandma Gap:Power Up Workbook
What a great idea to put a chart on the front so that everyone can see how they are related.  And to put it in a three ring binder is brilliant too.   This sounds like a perfect gift for Christmas or for a new bride in the family.  Way to go Liz!

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