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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Genealogy and Family History Game Zap the Grandma Gap Pedigree Challenge

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Our newest genealogy and family history game, the Zap the Grandma Gap Pedigree Challenge, is a fun educational game that is great for all ages and any number of people.  It helps players understand how to read a pedigree chart by asking questions about age, relationships, and locations of births, deaths, and marriages. 

Cards marked with a yellow star indicate easier questions. The Pedigree challenge includes the chart and 52 question cards.
Sample questions include:
·         In what month were Scott and his siblings born?
·         Who is June’s husband?
·         How old was Emily when she died?
·         Where was Linda married?
·         How many generation of descendants does Thomas have?

Enjoy our Zap the Grandma Gap family members as they teach concepts such as using the chart information to calculate age, determining how many cousins they have, and how a pedigree chart diagrams relationships.  Make it extra fun by letting players earn a prize with each correct answer. 

Available in 3 different versions:

  • Vinyl Large Size : Perfect for family reunions, family history conferences, and family history centers.  Printed on vinyl in an extra large size for durability and visibility. $59.95
  • Laminated:  Perfect size and laminated for durable use in the classroom, scouting and the genealogy merit badge, and repeated home use. $29.95
  • Paper:  Value edition printed on paper for home use.  Fun for home use, family game night, and homeschooling units on genealogy. $19.95
Click here to order the game for your family!

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