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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Sharing Family History Through Food: Pumpkin Dessert Recipe

Zap The Grandma Gap is all about sharing your family's stories and memories through the generations. Food is a fun and easy way to connect generations and most likely the food you cook is already a mixture of the recipes that were handed down from your family members. Your comfort food is probably what your mother and father gave you as you were growing up, and their comfort food was most likely what the family made for them. Food has so many connotations and feelings attached to it. From celebrations to traditional ethnic foods, your cooking and eating patterns are probably already a demonstration of your family's background.

Erin, one of Family ChartMaster's expert chart designers, shares a favorite family recipe for October.  This yummy pumpkin dessert recipe comes from her mother. Erin shares,"I remember when my mother first received this recipe, it became her new favorite fall recipe. It seemed like my mother was always looking for easy desserts to take to the church socials, neighborhood potlucks, or to the dinners my parents would have with their friends. We made this dessert at least 5-6 times every fall. By the time I was a teenager, Mom would have me make this for her at least ½ the time. Although my mother has been gone almost 4 years now, a part of her is always around when I decide to make these tasty pumpkin treats."

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Please share your thoughts when you try out this recipe and we'd love to know one of your favorite family recipes!

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