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Friday, February 15, 2019

Heritage Scrapbooks

We received another great idea for passing on and preserving your history!  Our friend, Elaine McAllister told us about her method of keeping her history for her family:

"I've made a 'Heritage' scrapbook, which I continually add to.  It includes a genealogy fan chart, of course, then traces our family back through those generations.  There's a star by each name if I have a picture of that person later in the scrapbook.  If there are stories associated with anyone, I've written and included those as well (like the basket my great great grandfather made for his grandson- my grandpa- who was 6 when he accompanied his grandpa on the wagon trip to deliver baskets to an area mercantile in exchange for a supply of groceries for the family.  I have that basket! Or the midwife who delivered hundreds of babies in northeastern Arkansas- my husband's great grandmother).  There are a multitude of stories, artifacts, and pictures!  Great stuff!

What a great idea to compile your family history!  Thanks for sharing, Elaine!

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