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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A great new magazine review from

I'm so excited to show you the first published magazine review we have for the book, and the first international review.  I have had such a wonderful time talking with editor Helen Tovey about the principles in Zap The Grandma Gap.  She has been so excited about it and even has been trying some of the ideas out on her own children.  Here's what she wrote me in an email last month: 

Lastly – about your wonderful tips that I’ve tried and which have worked. Here are some examples…
I’ve dug out my Reader’s Digest Cookery Year from the 1970s and baked the jumbles with one daughter (my mum always used to bake these for us when we were kids) and in reminiscing about this it led on to all sorts of other family stories – as happens!
I ‘walked the walk’ when they were around (usually I do my fh when they’re out at hockey etc) and the same daughter joined in (she offered!) with helping scanning.
I sang (very badly!) ‘Over the sea to sky’ to the other daughter – as my mum’s mum used to sing it to her when she was little.

More than anything you changed my attitude, really encouraging me, so that I’ve been just dropping bits of fh into casual random conversations much more than I would usually – and they’ve liked chatting about it, reflecting on it and joining in.
Our family is a very complicated one, and I found your realistic attitude very heartening too – ie that you need to share and learn from the good and the bad parts of the past.
I'm so glad she found the book encouraging.  That is what I was trying to do--express the idea that no matter what your family background is like, you will grow and become stronger by knowing more about it.

So then, I received this in the mail..  :)

Here's what was inside:

 Thanks so much to Helen Tovey and her team at Family Tree Magazine UK.  You absolutely have made it all worthwhile. 

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