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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Santa Claus as an ally

I received a wonderful idea from Nancy Roach that might work for your family and I'm so glad she agreed to let me share it with you here.  She is friends with Patricia Burrow and had a twist on Patricia's idea about getting children to write their own stories.  I thought this one was particularly useful since it involves Santa.  Anything with Santa will be attractive and get their attention don't you think?  Thanks Nancy for this great idea!  I'm going to see if it will work on my kids this year too. 

Patricia says, "When my children were growing up, they would write letters to Santa every year. As they got older they would include in those letters to Santa what had gone on in their lives "since you were here last year." Those letters are a wonderful way of remembering what the child considered important enough to share with Santa. Even in college I told the kids to write their letter to Santa or there might not be any presents. They would good-naturedly reply to keep Mom happy so I have those college memories of what happened during the year too. My daughters are keeping the tradition alive with my grandchildren."
Nancy Roach
Scottsdale, AZ

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