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Monday, August 19, 2013

Heaven bless those shaking leaves.

Here's a quick success in our family that might translate to your family.

Earlier this summer, I uploaded the genealogy computer file my grandmother left me to  I had been hesitant to do that before because it doesn't include sources and I really don't have direct knowledge of the research.  But my son has played with it a little in how it relates to some of the databases out there. 

On Ancestry he has been able to go in and connect my grandmother's research with the documents to back it up.  I seeded it with several pictures so that he could see who he was dealing with.  Ancestry has made it so easy for beginners, they put shaking leaves on each person that lead to documents that Ancestry thinks might relate to that person.  It is so easy to check out the documents and then quickly link the ones that relate to your family.  My son was drawn right in.

Right off the top, he was able to pull up things I didn't know about my own grandparents.  I haven't ever really gone in and looked for records on my own grandparents because I was blessed to be able to know all of them well--my first grandparent to pass away didn't leave us until I was 16.  On Ancestry, he quickly found draft cards and army documents, the census records and several other things that were exciting to see.  And with a simple click of the button, they were added to our online tree.  It was quite addictive. 

I think Ancestry has really created a space where the advanced genealogist can play in the same sandbox as the beginner because it is so focused on the documents.  And that is a great thing for families.  Take a look at  It might work for your family too.  Let me know how it goes. 

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