Connect To The Youth In Your Family By Connecting Them To Their Family History

Monday, August 26, 2013

Involving my children with family history in my past life

I guess the guest blogger is my previous self today.

Even before I decided to start writing a book on how to connect your family with their family history, I experimented with what would work with my own kids.  I blogged about that frequently on my regular blog at the time.  The Chart Chick Blog.  If you are reading this blog, you might want to check out the links on the left about our adventures as I was applying many of the principles in the book on my own children.  We all learned lots.

Take a look at these subject headings:
Let me know what you think.  As I've launched the new books, The Chart Chick has become more about my own research, and our charting company while my aha moments with my kids have been moved to here.  But I love comments on both blogs.  Let me know how it is working in your family. 

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