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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Family History Center Permissions

At the RootsTech Conference this last weekend, I had requests from 15 - 20 Family History Center directors asking if they could make copies from my books for their patrons.  I was caught off guard by these requests and may have given some people the impression that they could freely copy and distribute pages from my books.  I feel I need to clarify copyright restrictions a bit more and make sure we are clear on how I will permit Family History Centers and Family History Consultants to use my materials.

I'm glad there are so many people who think the materials will be useful and I'm happy to have them distribute the ideas. If you are a family history center director, or a family history consultant, you are welcome to distribute predetermined copies of pages from my books using the following guidelines:

1 - Rather than making copies of pages from my book and website materials, please refer people to the website where they can make their own copies of the materials themselves.  You can find many materials from both books at  We will be continuing to add to those resources.

2 - If you have a specific need to distribute any other pages from the book or workbook, please contact me directly at and I will be happy to provide 3-5 pages of .pdfs with the website address and my name on them.  You are only authorized to use these .pdf handouts and not pages directly from the books. Pages from the books and especially the workbook are only designed for use within the purchaser's family. 

3- I'd be happy to consider bulk orders for the books at a discounted price.  I'm available to talk to you about anything I can do to further your efforts.  You can contact me about speaking and conducting workshops to get our youth involved.  I hope we can work together to make Zapping the Grandma Gap a successful endeavor for all of us.

I hope family history center directors and family history consultants and will carefully consider what they use so that they can be completely honest about following copyright laws. We are gearing up to produce many other resources and workbooks in this series this year but can only do that if the books sell well and I have the resources to further develop this theme.  Combined, our efforts can contribute to the success of the books so that we can all work together to engage the next generation in this important work. 

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